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Employment Contracts & Independent Contractor Agreements

Employment Contracts are now standard for most positions. A written employment contract outlines the terms, conditions, and expectations of the employment relationship. A well-drafted contract can prevent misunderstandings, mitigate disputes, and serve as a legal safeguard in case of unforeseen challenges.

In addition to compensation and benefits, an employment contract may:

  • Limit termination pay and severance pay
  • Remove the right to sue for constructive dismissal
  • Include confidentiality and intellectual property ownership
  • Include non-solicitation and non-compete clauses
  • Provide procedures for resolving workplace complaints.


We guide both employers and employees through contract negotiations, ensuring that terms are fair, mutually agreeable, and reflective of the parties’ expectations and rights.

Our legal team collaborates closely with employers to draft employment contracts that encapsulate compensation, benefits, and termination procedures. Each contract is crafted to align with the unique needs of the industry and the company.

For employees presented with job offers, understanding the terms and implications of an employment contract is crucial. Our lawyers provide thorough contract reviews, offering clear explanations of legal language, potential ramifications, and negotiation strategies.

Many employers today wish to treat their workers as contractors. This comes with risk for the business and the worker. It is important to understand whether a worker is truly an independent contractor. And, if so, to draft the agreement carefully to reflect the interests of both parties not to be in an employment relationship.

We understand the pivotal role of well-structured employment contracts in fostering harmonious and productive workplaces. Whether you are an employer seeking to establish transparent expectations or an employee preparing to embark on a new job journey, our mission is to provide expert guidance that transforms contracts into instruments of empowerment.

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