The ESA and terminations – 101

Employers and human resources professionals are familiar with the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) and that it plays a role insetting out what an employee must receive at the time of termination. However, in our practice, we have noted several common areas where there is often confusion about the specific, sometimes technical, requirements of the ESA. Further, courts […]

Mass terminations in Ontario: Considerations and upcoming changes

Most employers in Ontario are aware of the notice requirements under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (the “ESA”) in the event of a termination. However, not all employers are aware that these entitlements can increase drastically if the number of employees terminated triggers a mass termination under the ESA. What is a mass termination?  A mass termination occurs if […]

Know your jurisdiction – Considerations for employers with employees in different provinces

National employers are well aware that the legislated employment standards differ widely between provinces. Keeping up with the changing law in different jurisdictions can be a challenge for companies with a workforce that is spread across the country. Since the pandemic, understanding the implications of employees working remotely from another province has also become a […]